Here is a list of some ideas I found on Pinterest and by browsing the Internet. They aren’t organized in any particular way. Enjoy!

  1.  50 New Year’s Resolution Ideas
  2. Take the New You for the New Year Challenge! 
  3. 12 New Year’s Resolutions for Book Lovers
  4. 52 Weeks to an Organized Home Challenge 2017
  5. 19 New Year’s Resolutions for 2016 (Disregard the Year)
  6.  50 Daily and Weekly Challenge Ideas to Tackle in 2015! (Again, disregard the year)
  7. How to Keep up With New Year’s Resolutions
  8. 33 Ways to Stay Creative (in the New Year)
  9. 2015 Kindness Challenge
  10. 17 Resolutions to Help you Have a Spiritually Renewing 2016
  11. 31 Days to Unbreakable Resolutions 
  12. Office Space of the Day: New Year, New Things
  13. New Year Resolutions
  14. The Resolution Manifesto
  15. 200+ Things to do in 2016






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